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Monday, September 19, 2005

Interesting new Mirowski & VanHorn article in SSS

In preparation for possibly submitting an article, I was browsing the latest issue of Social Studies of Science this morning. I only got through the first article, which was so interesting that I used up all my time before lunch just reading it:

Philip Mirowski & Robert VanHorn, "The Contract Research Organization and the Commercialization of Scientific Research," Social Studies of Science 35 (2005): 503-548.

This article will be especially of interest to those of us following the debates about changes over the past several decades in university-business relations. It might even be suitable journal club material, perhaps a better choice than the other Mirowski article I suggested a few months ago. The main subject matter is drug testing, but the authors make the claim that the new structural forces are already or will in the future be operating in several other fields as well. Even though this article is about recent stuff, I think it has some potential relevance for those of us studying longer time periods who are interested in the economics of knowledge production.


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