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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Penn Party at SHOT/HSS

Pat in the HSS Dept. office asked me to post the following reminder for all Penn attendees (and alums!) who will be at the SHOT/HSS meeting coming up this week:

"YES, there will be a Penn Party at the SHOT/HSS meeting in Minneapolis.>> AND, with the help of Jennifer Gunn, we have found a terrific place to > hold it.>> TRIPLE ESPRESSO Bistro and Bar, 1410 Nicollet Avenue, South. Just one > block from the Hyatt and the Millenium Hotels.>> 9-12PM, Friday night, November 4th.>> WE WILL HAVE a private room, with piano(!) and a full service bar and > bistro.>> PENN will subsidize all tabs.>> LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU THERE!> Ruth Schwartz Cowan> History and Sociology of Science> University of Pennsylvania"

Also, Dominique has informed me that her session has been MOVED from Friday morning to Saturday morning. I will try to change the previous message (below) to reflect the change if possible. (Any other corrections, feel free to post a comment directly on the message, since I may not have good on-line access for the next few days...)


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