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Sunday, December 04, 2005

November Final Score: ABDs 3, Ph.Ds 1

Congratulations to several current Penn graduate students who passed significant milestones in November:

Philip Cho successfully defended his dissertation entitled "Ritual and the Occult in Chinese Medicine and Religous Healing: The Development of Zhuyou Exorcism."

Meanwhile, three people passed their oral exams: Emily Pawley, Corinna Schlombs, and Andi Johnson. For their dissertation projects...

Emily will be looking at agricultural knowledge and practice in the Atlantic World during the 19th century, with possible emphases in chemistry, food & nutrition, and/or disease.

Corinna will be doing an international history of computing, combining three approaches: consumers/users, national identity, and international comparisons.

Andi is studying "elite sport as a global crossroads of science, medicine, technology and culture" (quoting from her website blurb since she is out of e-mail contact in Egypt at the moment!)