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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fall 2006 Workshop Schedule

For any curious alumni and friends of the Department, especially those who live near Philadelphia, below I am pasting the Fall 2006 workshop schedule. I understand it has been coordinated by Riki Kuklick this semester, and it looks like an excellent line-up:

*Fall 2006 Workshop*

*History & Sociology of Science, Medicine & Technology*

* *

*Mondays from 4pm until 6pm in 337 Logan Hall*

*September 11*

HSSC Opening of the Semester Extravaganza in the Logan Lounge

*September 18*

Mary Terrall, University of California Los Angles
/Birds and Bees: Natural History Practices in the 18th-Century//
*September 25*

Michael Lynch, Cornell University
/After Closure: /

/The Implications of DNA Evidence in Forensic Identification Science/

*October 2*: No workshop (Yom Kippur)

*October 9*

Morris Low, Johns Hopkins University
/Promoting Scientific and Technological Change in Tokyo, 1870-1930:
Museums, Industrial Exhibitions and the City/

*October 16*

Jim English, University of Pennsylvania
/Prizes, Prestige, and Money/

*October 23*: No workshop (fall break)

*October 30*

Jorge Canizares-Esguerra, University of Texas--Austin
/Crusading Epistemologies:/

/Iberian Influences in Early-Modern European Science/

*November 6*

Amy L. Fairchild, Columbia University

*November 13*

Cyrus Mody, Chemical Heritage Foundation
/Molecular Electronics in the Longue Durèe/

*November 20*

Francine Hirsh, Wisconsin
/Expert Knowledge and the Making (and Remaking) of the Soviet Union/

*November 27*

Kathy Brown, University of Pennsylvania

*December 4*

Mark Harrison, Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine, University of
/Quarantine and the Politics of Empire:/

/India, the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, c.1866-1880/


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